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Aye love; top o' th' website, so 'tis. Welcome, welcome. I'm Pat O'Splat; newly hoired hand from Irelan', so I am. Some 'ere, 'ave given to callin' me "dearie from √Čire" - a divvy lot, so they are. Hahaha... So, what's the craic? Y' keep'n well?

Fancy the posh upgrade? They are just finishin' up, so they tell me - can't say I hate the colours.

Whares Pinky? Off somewhere, acting the maggot, no doubt. I know Inky is see'n to'er chores in the Inspiration wing.

Forgive me if you find me a fright unhelpful, I'm pretty green in more ways than one, so I am. Only officially started yesterday as part of an international exchange program.

The boss o' this place has been hearin so much about companies "goin' green" that he decided to jump on the bandwagon... although, I don't think it means what he thinks it means... 'tween you, me, and the shamrocks, this boss is afflicted with unspeakable confusion, so he is.